NYC Digital Mastery: Procreate Illustration & Concept Art
Unearth the digital realm of illustration and concept art, exclusively in the heart of NYC! Dive deep into Procreate and translate your imaginative strokes into striking visuals.
Are you eager to blend the traditional strokes of art with the precision of the digital medium? Our course set in the bustling city of New York offers an immersive experience, tailored for both novices and pros. Here, we delve into the heart of Procreate, a leading tool for digital artists. Beyond the mere act of drawing, our course is structured to introduce you to the intricate world of concept art. By training with us, you gain more than skills; you'll embrace a whole new perspective on digital artistry.
The Training that Sets You Apart

What sets this bootcamp apart is its focus on the practical application of tools and techniques. While many courses skim the surface, our in-depth training regime ensures every student not only understands the software but also masters the nuanced art of bringing concepts to life. Set against the vibrant backdrop of NYC, your creative journey is complemented by the city's dynamism, urging you to strive for excellence.
Breathing Life into Concepts

Concept art isn’t just about visual representation but narrating a story, giving life to ideas, and setting a tone for entire projects. Through this course, you'll comprehend how to meld the abstract with the tangible, ensuring your illustrations are both visually appealing and thematically resonant.
Why NYC's Procreate Mastery?

New York has long been an epicenter for art and innovation. Immersing in this course, you are not just mastering a tool, but you're also stepping into a legacy of artistry that NY holds. Every module, curated with precision, is designed to ensure holistic learning. Beyond skills, this is about nurturing the mindset of an artist who can visualize, create, and innovate.
The 12-Module Voyage

  1. Introduction to Procreate & Digital Art
  2. Brushes & Techniques: The Basics
  3. Advanced Brush Creation & Customization
  4. The World of Layers and Blending Modes
  5. Constructing Compelling Compositions
  6. Introduction to Concept Art: Ideation to Execution
  7. Advanced Concept Art: Narratives & Themes
  8. Textures, Patterns, and Digital Painting
  9. Rendering & Lighting in Digital Illustration
  10. Character and Environment Design
  11. Real-world Projects & Portfolio Building
  12. Career Pathways & Industry Insights
From Course to Career: Your Journey Ahead

Post-completion, the avenues are limitless. Whether you're aiming for a career in game design, animation, or advertising, your Procreate prowess ensures you're a sought-after professional. Additionally, for freelancers, the ability to craft stunning concept art propels you to the forefront of client preferences.
Crafting Dreams with Procreate

This isn't just another course; it's an invitation to craft your dreams. In the heart of NY, amidst its iconic skyline, find your artistic voice. Let your imagination flow, harnessing Procreate's power to construct vivid visual tales, ensuring every stroke resonates with purpose and passion.
Who's This Course Sculpted For?

Budding Digital Artists
If you're venturing into the world of digital art, this is your ideal starting point. Gain a robust foundation and understand the mechanics of Procreate to turn your visions into vibrant visuals.

Seasoned Illustrators
For those well-acquainted with the digital sphere, our course offers advanced modules to refine your skills. Delve deeper into concept art and learn how to construct compelling narratives through your illustrations.

Art Enthusiasts and Hobbyists
Even if you're not seeking a professional route, our bootcamp is tailored to satiate the artist within. Revel in the joy of creation and explore the myriad possibilities Procreate offers.